A.C.A. —see Association of Catholic Action.

A.C.F.—see Australian Catholic Federation. A.C.T.S.—

see —Australian Catholic Truth Society ALP.—

see —Australian Labor Party.

Aborigines, Australian

Adam, Karl

Adami, Val

Adams, Arthur


Adelaide University


Age, Melbourne


Alcoholics Anonymous

All – For – Australia League, Melbourne University

America —

see United States of America.

Anderson, Kevin

Anderson, Professor John


see Australian National Secretariat of Catholic Action.


Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine

Aquinas Library, Brisbane

Aquinas Society of South Australia

Aquinas Society of South Australia,

Women’s Branch


Arkwright, Francis J.

Assisian Guild

Association Catholique de la Jeunesse Belge

Association Catholique de la Jeunesse Francaise

Association of Catholic Action, Sydney

Austral Light, Melbourne

Australasian Catholic Congresses

Australasian Catholic Record

Australia Party Club, Melbourne University

Australia, Brisbane

Australia: A Review of the Month,


Australia: The Catholic Chapter

Australian Catholic Federation

Australian Catholic Truth Society

Australian Labor Party

Australian National Secretariat of Catholic Action

Australian Natives’ Association


Azana, Manuel

Bacchus Marsh

Bainbridge, Howard


Barnett, Norman

Barris, Maurice

Barry, Bishop John

Bayart, Pierre

Beasley, Jack

Belfast University

Belgian-French form of Catholic Action- see Jocist form of Catholic Action.


Bellarmine Society

Belloc, Hilaire



Benedictine Monks

Bennetts, Edward

Beovich, Father Matthew

Birth Control

Blacam, Aodh de

Blue and Gold, De La Salle, Malvern

Bongiorno, John

Bowers, Father Joseph

Brennan, Frank

Brennan, Niall


Britain —

see England.

Brodie, Bishop

Broken Hill

Burgmann, E.H.

Burke, Ted


see Catholic Boys’ Legion,


see Christian Brothers’ Old Boys’ Association, Brisbane.


see Catholic Women’s Social Guild, Victoria,


see Catholic Young Men’s Societies/ Catholic Young Men’s Society of Victoria.

C.Y.M.S. Business Institute

C.Y.M.S. Catholic Action Sub-Committee

C.Y.M.S. Forum

C.Y.M.S. Legion

C.Y.M.S. Past Members’ Awociation

C.Y.M.S., Australasian

Caledonian Catholic Association

Campion, Blessed Edmund

The Campion

Campion Institute

Campion Society of Australia

Campion Society, Brisbane

Campion Society, Sydney

Campion Society, Victoria

Canavan, D.L. (Leo)


Cardijn, Joseph

Carr. Archbishop Thomas

Catechists’ Guild, Sydney

(see also Guild of St Joseph

Catholic Action

Catholic Boys’ Legion

Catholic Broadcasting Committee

Catholic Club, Sydney

Catholic Debating Societies’ Union,


Catholic Debating Societies’ Union, Queensland

Catholic Education Congress, 1922

Catholic Evidence Guild, England

Catholic Evidence Guild, Melbourne

Catholic Evidence Guild, Sydney (see also Catholic Speakers)

Catholic Evidence lectures, Adelaide

Catholic Evidence lectures, Melbourne

Catholic Evidence lectures, Sydney

Catholic Federation — see Australian Catholic Federation.

Catholic Federation Magazine

Catholic Film Council, Sydney

Catholic Fireside, Sydney

Catholic Girls’ Movement

Catholic Guild for Social Studies

Catholic Hour, Melbourne

Catholic Hour, Sydney

Catholic Land Association

Catholic Literary Revival

Catholic Luncheon Club, Sydney

Catholic Magazine, Melbourne

Catholic News Service, Sydney

Catholic Press, Sydney

Catholic Record, Perth

The Catholic Revival

Catholic rural group movement

Catholic Social Action

Catholic Social Guild, England

Catholic social thought

Catholic Speakers, Sydney

(see also Catholic Evidence Guild, Sydney)

Catholic Truth Society, American

Catholic Truth Society, English

Catholic Women’s Social Guild, Victoria

Catholic Women’s Society, Sydney University

Catholic Worker, Australian

Catholic Worker, American

Catholic Workers’ Association

Catholic Workers’ Education Association

Catholic Young Man, Victoria

Catholic Young Men’s Cricket Association

Catholic Young Men’s Societies, Ireland, Sydney

Catholic Young Men’s Societies’ Union, New South Wales

Catholic Young Men’s Societies Union, Victoria

Catholic Young Men’s Society of South Australia

Catholic Young Men’s Society of Victoria

Catholic Young Men’s Society of Western Australia

Catholic Young Men’s Tennis Association

Central Catholic Library, Adelaide

Central Catholic Library, Melbourne

Chamberlin, Michael

Chemists’ Guild

Chesterton Club, Perth

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith

Child Endowment, ANSCA report re


Christian Brothers’ College, Lewisham

Christian Brothers’ College, North Melbourne

Christian Brothers’ College, Waverley

Christian Brothers’ Old Boys’ Association, Brisbane

Christian Union, Sydney University

(see also Student Christian Movement)

Clark, Charles Manning Hope

Cleary, Father James H.

Cleary, P.S.

Clitherow, Blessed Margaret

Clitherow Society

Cole, Coroner A.W.

Commercial and Professional Catholic Men’s Association, Sydney


Conquest, Father

Conscription campaigns

Conservative Club, Melbourne University

Considine, Father

Conversion of Australia Movement, Corpus Christi College, Werribee

Conway, Ronald

Corder, Francis J.

Corporativism/Corporate State

Corpus Christi College, Werribee

Council Against War and Fascism

Courier, Ballarat

Coyne, J.D.

Crofts, Father A.M., O.P.


Dalton, Father Leo, M.S.C.

Daly, John

Daniel Mannix

Dawson, Christopher

Day, Dorothy


De La Salle College, Malver

Debating Society, Melbourne University

Democratic Party

Dignam, Father Eric, M.S.C.

Diocesan Secretariat of Catholic Action (D.S.C.A.), Melbourne

Diocesan Secretariat of Catholic Action Sydney


Divini Redemptoris

Dollfuss, Chancellor Engelbert

Dominican Priory, Adelaide

Dossiers de l’Action Populaire

Downey, John

Doyle, Brian T.


Dudley, Father Owen

Duggan, Father R.

Duhig, Archbishop James

Dunne, Father

Dunstan, A.A.

Dwyer, Bishop James

Education Acts, secular

Edwards, James

Egan, Father Matthew, S.J.


English, Father John_

English Joint Aid Committee

Episcopal Sub-Committee on Catholic Action, 1934.

Episcopal Sub-Committee on Catholic Action, 1937.

Epistles and Postcripts, Victoria

(see also Tremendous Trifles)

Eucharistic Congress, International, Dublin 1932

Eucharistic Congress, International, Sydney 1928

Eucharistic Congress, National Melbourne 1934

Eucharistic Congress, National, Newcastle 1938

Extraordinary Meetings of the Australian Catholic Hierarchy, 1945

Fallon, Dr Cyril


Farrago, Melbourne University


Fernvale Retreats, Tallangatta

Findlay, Bill

Findlay, Patrick

Fitzsimons, Father John

Foley, Bishop

Food for Spain

For Social Justice


Franciscan Seminary, Box Hill


Franco. General Francisco

Freedom (see also News Weekly) , .

Freeman’s Journal, Sydney

Freethought Society, Sydney University

Fundamental Principles of Catholic Action

Gallagher, Peter

Gargan, Frank

Gamsey, David



Gerrard, Alf

Gheon, Henri

Gilroy, Archbishop Norman

Gilson, Etienne

Ginniken, Father James van, S.J.

Gleeson, Bishop

Gleeson, Father

Goodman, Father Aubrey, M.S.C.


Goulbum diocese


Griffin, Father Fidelis, O.F.M.

Guild of St Joseph


see Hibernian-Australasian

Catholic Benefit Society.

Hackett, Father William, S.J.

Haley, Martin

A Handbook of Catholic Action

Hannan, Father James

Harkin, Brian

Hartigan, Father Patrick (‘John O’Brien’)

Hassett, Gerald

Hayden, Father B.W.

Hayes, Bishop Romuald

Heffey, C.G. (Gerard)

Heffey, John


Hegerty, Arthur S.

Hehir, Father Noel, S.J.

Hennessy, Ted

Hibernian-Australasian Catholic Benefit Society

Hitler, Adolf — see Nazism.

Hives, J.W. (Bill)

Hoare, Benjamin

Hoban, Reginald


Hodgkinson, Reginald E.


Hollis, Christopher

Holy Name Society

Honi Soit, Sydney University



Hynes, Michael F.

Il Fermo Proposito

Ingleby, W.J.

Ingwersen, Leo

Ingwersen, Stan


Italian form of Catholic Action

Italo-Abyssinian War



see Jocist form of Catholic Action

Jackson, Denys


Jerome, Brother

Jesuit Seminary, Watsonia

Jesuits — see Society of Jesus.

Jeunesse Ouvriere Chretienne (J.O.C.) — see Jocist form of Catholic Action

Jocist form of Catholic Action



see Knights of the Southern Cross, Order of.

Keane, Father William, S.J.

Keating, Frank

Kelly, Archbishop Michael

Kelly, Father Austin, S.J.

Kelly, John P.

Kelly, Kevin T.

Kenny, James

Keon, Standish Michael

Kerrigan, Mr

Kersbergen, Dr Lydivine van

Ketteler, Bishop Emmanuel von

Kiernan, the Honourable B.L., M.L.C.

Killian, Archbishop

Knights of Columbus, U.S.A.

Knights of St Francis Xavier, Melbourne

Knights of the Southern Cross, Order of

Knowles, Bill

Knox, Father Ronald

Kothen, M. 1’abbe Robert

La Tour du Pin, Marquis of

*La Verna*

Labor Party see Australian Labor Party.

Labour Call, Victoria

Labour Club, Melbourne University

Labour Club, Sydney University

Labour movement

L’Action Catholique Specialisee — see Specialised Catholic Action

L’Action Francaise

Lang, J.T.

Lanigan, Father J.

Larkins, John


Lay Apostolate, The, Brisbane

League against Imperialism, Melbourne University

League of Nations

League of Nations Union, Melbourne University

League of Nations Union, Sydney University

League of St Joseph (see also

National Catholic Workers’ Movement)

Legge. J.W.

Legion of Mary


Leo Guild, Melbourne

Leo XIII, Pope

Leonian Society, Brisbane

Liberal Club, Melbourne University


Liquor Trades’ Protection Association

Lismore diocese

Liston, J.J.

Literary and Debating Societies, New South Wales


Lockington, Father William, S.J.

Lonergan, Father J.J.

Long, W.G. (Gordon)

Loughnan, Father H.B., S.J.


Loyola, Saint Ignatius

Lunn, Arnold

Lynch, John

Lyons, Joseph

Maher, Frank

Maitland diocese

Manly College —

see St Patrick’s College, Manly

Manly Movement

Manly Union

Mannix, Archbishop Daniel

Maritain, Jacques

Martindale, Father C.C., S.J.



Maurin, Peter

Maurras, Charles

McCosker, Father J.F.

McCristal, John

McGloin, Father

McGuire, D.P. (Paul)

McGuire, Margaret

McInerney, Father James

McInerney, Murray V.

McKenna, Father Les

McKenzie-McHarg, J.

McLaughlin, Gerard

McMahon, Frauds Xavier

Meagher, Father J.

Mechanics’ Institutes

Medical Guild of St Luke

Melbourne University

Melbourne University Rifles

Memoranda re Catholic Action, Campion Society to Archbishop Mannix

First; Second; Third.

Menzies, Robert Gordon

Merlo, John

Mills, Father Adrian J.

Minogue, Henry

Misell, Frank

Mit Brennender Sorge

Mitchell, Ken


Moloney, Parker

Moran, Cardinal Patrick

Moran, Dr Herbert

Moran, Patrick

More, Blessed Thomas

Movement, the

Moynihan, Father Frands

Mun, Albert de

Murphy, Bernard

Murphy, Father Jeremiah, S.J.

Murphy, Father Philip, O.F.M.

Murphy, Father Richard, S.J.

Murphy, Frank

Murray, James

Murtagh, Father James G.

Mussolini, Benito

N.S.W. Catholic Debating Societies’ Union —

see Catholic Debating Societies’ Union

National Catholic Rural Movement

National Catholic Workers’ Movement

National Insurance Bill


Nationalist Party

Nationalists, Spanish

Nativist movement

Natural Law


Nelson, David

New Zealand


Newman College, Melbourne University

Newman Society Convention of Catholic University Bodies, 1934

Npwman Society of Tasmania

Newman Society of Victoria

Newman Society of Western Australia

Newman Society, Sydney University

Newman. John Henry

News Weekly

Nod Abbiamo Bisogno

North-East Catholic Debating and Sports Association

Nowland, Dr Horace H.

O’Brien, Father Eris

O’Brien, Father Sylvester

O’Connor, Desmond

O’Connor, Bemard

O’Day, Dr Gerard

O’Donnell, Father Edward J.

O’Halloran, Roger

O’Leary, P.I.

Opera dei Congressi e dei Comitati Cattolica

Orders of the Day, Victoria

O’Reilly, Father Maurice

O’Sullivan, Father T.

Oxford Movement

Ozanam Club

Ozanam, Frederic

Palmer, Nettie

Parer, Damien

Patrician, St. Pat’s, East Melbourne

Patterson, John

Peace movements

Peace Rally, Catholic, 1939

Peguy, Charles

Perkins, Phillip


Peterson, Father Robert, S.J.

Philosophical Society, Melbourne University

Pian Club, Perth

Pisani, Alban

Pius IX, Pope

Pius X, Pope

Pius XI, Pope

Pius XII, Pope

Plater, Father C.D., S.J.

Plenary Council of Australian and

New Zealand Hierarchy, 1937


Policemen’s Guild of St Christopher 107.

Portus, G.V.

Postal Workers’ Guild

Pour Realiser L’Action Catholique — see Fundamental Principles of Catholic Action.

Prelude to Catholic Action

Private property —

in Rerum Novarum,

Professional Men’s Sodality of St Patrick’s College, East Melbourne

Proletariat, Melbourne

Public Questions Society, Melbourne University

Public Questions Society, Sydney University

Purcell, Thomas J.

Quadragesimo Anno

Quaine, Frank


Queensland University

Radical Club, Melbourne University

Railway Employees’ Guild

Ratcliffe, William


Reidy, Father

Republicans, Spanish

Rerum Novarum

Restoring All Things: A Guide to Catholic Action

Riggs, Robert M.

Risen Sun, Brisbane

Rockhampton diocese

Roosevelt, President Franklin D.

Ross, William

Rowe, E.J.

Rumble, Father Leslie, M.S.C.

Rural Life


Ryan, Eileen

Ryan, Father Arthur

Ryan, Father Patrick, M.S.C.


Salmon, Percy

Sancta Sophia College, Sydney University

Santamaria, Bob

Scarborough, J.

Schmude, Alf J.

School of Arts

Scott, Professor Ernest

Scullin, James Henry

Secretariat of the Lay Apostolate, Sydney (see also Diocesan Secretariat of Catholic Action)

Sheed & Ward

Sheed, Frank

Sheehan, Archbishop Michael

Sheehan, John J.

Sherriff, David S.

Sherry, Gerard

Simonds, Archbishop Justin

Sivertsen, R.H. (Harry)

Skehan, James

Smith, Father A., M.S.C.

Social Justice Information Bureau, Maitland Diocese

Social Study Club, Catholic Young Men’s Society of Victoria


1; in Rerum Novarum

Socialist Club, Sydney University

Society of Jesus

Southern Cross Library, Sydney

Southern Cross, Adelaide


Spanish Civil War controversy

Spanish Relief Fund

Specialised Catholic Action

Spruhan, Keith

St Aloysius’ College, Milson’s Point

St Ignatius’ College, Riverview

St John’s College, Sydney University

St Joseph’s College, Hunter’s Hill

St Kevin’s College, Melbourne

St Leo’s College, University of


St Patrick’s College, Ballarat

St Patrick’s College, East Melbourne

St Patrick’s College, Manly

St Vincent de Paul Society


Stewart, Father Bernard

Student Christian Movement, Melbourne University

Student Christian Movement,

Sydney University

Students’ Representative Council, Melbourne University

Sutherland, Dr Halliday


Sydney Boys’ High School

Sydney University

Syllabus of Errors



Theresian Club

Thomas, John L

Thomistic Revival

Tietyens. E.

Tighe, Fr P.T., SJ.


Toowoomba diocese

Torchlight Victoria


Townsville diocese

Trade union movement

in Rerum Novarum

Transport Workers’ Guild

Tremendous Trifles. Victoria

Triado, Raymond

Tribune. Melbourne

Troubador, Box Hill

Twomey, Father D.

Undset, Sigrid

United Australia Party

United Front Against Fascism Society, Melbourne University

United States of America

University of Tasmania

Vaudry, John

Victorian Teachers’ Union


Vosti, A.B. (Bernard)

Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga diocese

Waldron, J.P.

Wallace, Kevin

Walsh, Cyril

Walsh, John

Walsh, W.T.


Ward, William George


Water Board Employees’ Guild

Waverley Lay Apostolate

What to Read: Booklists for Discussion Groups

White. Sam

Williams, AC.

Women of Nazareth

Woodruff, Douglas

Worch, Dr

Workers’ Educational Alliance, Sydney

The World Moves On

World War II

Wright, Davern


Xavier College

Xavier, Saint Francis

Y.C.W. Young Christian Workers

Young Catholic Students’ Movement

Young Christian Workers

Young Men’s Christian Association