Since this work is based almost entirely on primary sources, most of which at the time I consulted them were in private collections; and since in the compilation of data interviews constituted, as it were, the mortar between the bricks of documentation, I am indebted for their assistance to a considerable number of people.

To all those whose names appear in my Bibliography, under ‘Unpublished Primary Source Collections’ and ‘Interviews’, I extend my gratitude. In addition, I thank those many people who allowed me access to archives and to seminary, school and University College records; and those who proofread my manuscript.

For their hospitality over an extended period I especially thank Messrs Gerard Heffey and Tom Butler, solicitors of Melbourne; and Father Peter Hoy of the Sacred Heart Monastery, Croydon, Victoria.

Mr Kevin Kelly assisted me in more ways than I can enumerate. Professor John Molony of the Australian National University was most generous with his time and advice.

I am grateful to the Australian National University for awarding me a Masters Degree Scholarship, without which it would have been difficult for me to persevere with my researches.

Finally, I am deeply indebted to Professor C. M. H. Clark for suggesting to me this most rewarding field of study and for overseeing my efforts; and to Mr Peter Thomas (Senior) of Liverpool, New South Wales, for proposing and bringing about the publication of this volume.