A. Unpublished Primary Source Collections

Australian National Secretariat of Catholic Action, records 1938 ff. (not extensive for 1938-39), held at the National Civic Council offices, Melbourne.

Campion Society Memoranda to the Episcopal Sub-Committee on Catholic Action (draft copies, three in number), September-December 1937, in the possession of Mr. Justice M. V. McInerney, Melbourne.

Campion Society records, 1931-39, held by Messrs. Heffey & Butler, Solicitors, of Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.

Catholic Evidence Guild (Melbourne) minute-book, June 1934-March 1943 (with some notes from later years), in the Melbourne Archdiocesan Archives.

Catholic Evidence material, Sydney: Assorted correspondence, minutes, and reports, relating to Catholic Evidence work in Sydney, 1924 ff., box ‘Evidence’, Sydney Archdiocesan Archives.

Catholic Young Men’s Society Annual Reports, 1913-29, 1931, plus post-1940 material, held in Celtic Club, Melbourne.

Catholic Young Men’s Society 1892 Annual Report; lists of C.Y.M.S. General Presidents and General Secretaries; and other documents, preserved (severally) by Messrs. J. D. Coyne and A. D. Hodgkinson. This material, in original or in photocopy, has now been deposited by these gentlemen with the M.A.A.

Guilds, Catholic, Sydney: Material relating to the various occupational Guilds formed in Sydney from the nineteen-thirties, in the S.A.A.

Newman Society Convention papers, 1934, consisting primarily of constitutions, histories, and correspondence from Catholic intellectual and university societies from all States, preserved by Mr. Justice Kevin Anderson, and deposited by him with the M.A.A.

North-East Catholic Debating and Sports Association, Constitution and Rules; and Femvale Retreat souvenir pamphlets, 1934, 1936, 1937, 1940 and 1941, in the possession of Mr. A. D. Seaton, Albury.

Papers of Fathers Aubrey Goodman and Patrick Ryan, selections from which were made available to me at the Sacred Heart Fathers’ Monastery, Kensington, N.S.W.

Papers of Fathers Matthew Egan, William Hackett, William Keane, William Lockington, Jeremiah Murphy, Richard Murphy, and Albert Power, in Jesuit Archives, Jesuit Provincialate, Melbourne. Hackett’s papers contain much Campion Society and Assisian Guild material which cannot be found elsewhere; and of particular note among Father Jeremiah Murphy’s papers is a copy (duplicated and cardboard covered) of the Report of the Australian National Secretariat of Catholic Action to December 31st, 1940.

Seminary Students’ Journals, internal, for:

Corpus Christi College, Werribee (bi-yearly, handwritten, begins 1923. Back-copies were held at the College).

Franciscan Seminary, Box Hill, Victoria (The Troubadour, monthly duplicated, September 1937, back-copies held at the Seminary).

Jesuit Seminary, Watsonia (The Canisian, quarterly, duplicated, begins August 1937, back-copies held at Campion Hall, Kew).

B. Published Primary Source Material

1. Newspapers and Magazines:

Advance Australia, organ of the Knights of the Southern Cross, Golden Jubilee issue, March 1969, copy held in M.AA.


Annals, Sacred Heart Fathers’ popular monthly, back-copies held at the Sacred Heart Monastery, Kensington, N.S.W.

Australasian Catholic Record

Austral Light

Australia: A Review of the Month

Catholic Magazine

Catholic Young Man: the first two volumes of this magazine, covering the period September 1933-August 1935, have been deposited with the M.A.A by Mr. Michael F. Hynes.

Catholic Fireside

Catholic Worker

The Catholic Federation Magazine and Official Organ of the N.S.W. Catholic Debating Societies’ Union

Catholic Press


Honi Soit


Messenger of the Sacred Heart, Jesuit popular monthly, back-copies of which were held at Messenger House, Richmond, Victoria.

Torchlight, Melbourne Clitherow Society monthly, early copies of which (Nos. 3,

5, 9, 12, January-October 1939) have been deposited with the M.A.A. by Mrs. W. B. V. Knowles.

I referred selectively to other periodicals where my researches required, among them being the Melbourne Age, Argus and Herald; the Geelong Advertiser; the Ballarat Courier and Mail; the Communist Workers’ Voice; the Catholic Tribune and Freeman’s Journal; and the Victorian Catholic Directory.

2. Catholic School and College Annuals:


Assumption College, Kilmore

De La Salle College, Malvern

Newman College, Melbourne University

St. Kevin’s College, Toorak (Annuals published only 1935, 1936)

St. Patrick’s College, Ballarat.

St. Patrick’s College, East Melbourne (a set of The Patrician is held in the Latrobe Library, Melbourne).

Xavier College, Kew


Lewisham Christian Brothers’ College

St. Aloysuis’ College, Milsons Point

St. Ignatius’ College, Riverview

St. John’s College, Sydney University (College set incomplete; others loaned to me by the late Justice Sir Cyril Walsh)

St. Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill

Waverley Christian Brothers’ College

3. Other Publications:

Australian Catholic Truth Society pamphlets, a complete set of which is held in the Advocate offices, Melbourne.

Benedictine Monks of Solesmes (ed.), The Lay Apostolate: Papal Teachings (Daughters of St. Paul, Boston, Massachusetts, I960): selections from Papal documents.

Cardijn, Joseph, Laymen in Action (Y.C.W., Melbourne, 1964).

Design for Democrats, ‘by 25 Men’ (The Catholic Worker’, Melbourne, 1944): a selection of extracts from the Catholic Worker.

Freemantle, Anne, The Papal Encyclicals in their Historical Context (The New American Library, N.Y., 1960): a selection of extracts from Papal Encyclicals, with commentary.

Gilson, Etienne (ed.), The Church Speaks to the Modern World. The Social Teachings of Leo XIII (Doubleday, N.Y., 1961): the complete texts of the most important Encyclicals of Pope Leo XIII, with commentary.

Goodman, A. J., A Handbook of Catholic Action (Annals Office, Kensington, N.S.W., third edition, 1955).

Martindale, C. C., The Risen Sun (Sheed & Ward, London, 1929) Athens, Argentine, Australia (Sheed & Ward, London, 1935). In these books Martindale writes of his visits to Australia, 1928 and 1934.

The National Eucharistic Congress (Advocate Press, Melbourne, 1936): official commemorative volume of the 1934 Melbourne Eucharistic Congress.

C. Interviews

People who were involved in the movements which I have studied, and whom I have interviewed or consulted, include the following:


Adams, Judge Arthur

Anderson, Mr. Justice Kevin

Brennan, Niall

Butler, Tom

Cal well, Arthur A., M.H.R.

Chamberlin, Sir Michael

Cleary, Father J. H.

Coyne, J. D.

Gerrard, A. L.

Heffey, C. G.

Heffey, Father John Hodgkinson, A. C. Hynes, M. F.

Ingwersen, Dr. Stanislaus Jackson, D. G. M.

Keating, Frank Kelly, K. T. Kerley, Mrs. J. C. Knowles, Mrs. W. B. V. Legge, J. W.

Maher, F.K.H.

McCristal, Father John, O.F.M.

McDermott, Kevin McDonald, Gerald McInerney, Mr. Justice M. V. McManus, Senator F. P.

Meere, J. F.

Mitchell, K. W.

Murphy, Frank Murtagh, Father J. G.

Nelson, David

Pisani, Alban (T) Santamaria, B.A. Sherriff, D. S. Slattery, Ronald Triado, Raymond


O’Halloran, Roger (T)


Bongiomo, John Lynch, Joseph McInerney, Monsignor James


Linane, Father T.


Stewart, Bishop Bernard


Downey, Father

Shanahan, Father


Findlay, William

McSwiney, Arthur

Milne, Robert


Bowman, Monsignor T.


Seaton, A. D.


Arkwright, F. J.

Early, L. N.

Keating, Father Maurice, O.P.

O’Sullivan, L. G.

Sawer, Professor Geoffrey

Sherry, Gerard

Smyth, K. J. (T)


Burke, E. H.

Cantwell, P. L.

Crennan, Monsignor G.

Ford, Father P.

Hickson, Dr. G. K.

Huizinga, Miss Bridget .

O’Brien, Archbishop Eris

O’Connor, Father Desmond, S.J.

Purcell, T. J.

Schmude, A J.

Sivertsen, R. H.

Walsh, Justice Sir Cyril


Haley, Martin (T)

Kelly, J. P. (T)

(T) Telephone interview only.

D. Secondary Sources

I have here included only those publications which have had some direct bearing on this thesis. I have excluded the many works of the English Catholic Literary Revival, texts on European history, theses and articles which have cumulatively, but not individually, influenced my studies.

1. General Background:

Daniel-Rops, H. A Fight for God 1879-1939 tr. John Warrington (Dent & Sons, London,

Fitzsimons, John, and McGuire, Paul (ed.) Restoring All Things: A Guide to Catholic Action (Sheed & Ward, London, 1939).

Fogarty, Michael P. Christian Democracy in Western Europe 1820-1953 (Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1957).

Hales, E. E. Y. The Catholic Church in the Modern World: A Survey from the French Revolution to the Present (Doubleday, N.Y., 1960).

Hughes, Philip. A Short History of the Catholic Church (Burns & Oates, London, 1967), Troeltsch, Ernst. The Social Teaching of the Christian Churches tr. Olive Wyon (2 Volt, Allen & Unwin, London, 1931).

2. Australian Works:

Andrews, E. M. Isolationism and Appeasement in Australia: Reactions to the European Crises 1935-1939 (A.N.U. Press, Canberra, 1970). This book gives particular attention to Catholic press attitudes, but its treatment of them is superficial and frequently inaccurate.

Brennan, Niall. Dr. Mannix (Rigby, Adelaide, 1964).

A Hoax Called Jones (Sheed & Ward, London, 1962).

Clark, C. Manning. A Short History of Australia (Heinemann, London, new edition, 1969).

Davidson, Alistair. The Communist Party of Australia (Hoover Institute Press, Stanford, California, 1969).

Fogarty, Ronald. Catholic Education in Australia, 1806-1950 (2 Vols., M.U.P., 1957).

Ford, Patrick. Cardinal Moran and the A.L.P. (M.U.P., 1966).

Greenwood, Gordon. Australia: A Social and Political History (Angus & Robertson. Australia, 1965).

McMahon, J. T. College, Campus, Cloister (University of Western Australia Press, 1969).

Murphy, Frank. Danie! Mannix (Polding Press, Melbourne, new ed., 1972).

Murray, Robert. The Split: Australian Labor in the Fifties (Cheshire Melbourne, 1970). Murtagh, James G. Australia: The Catholic Chapter (Angus & Robertson, revised edition, 1959).

Tom Truman’s Catholic Action and Politics (A.C.T.S. No. 1359, 1961).

O’Farrell, Patrick. The Catholic Church in Australia: A Short History, 1788-1967 (Nelson, Australia, 1968).

Ormonde, Paul. The Movement (Nelson, Australia, 1972).

Santamaria, B. A. The Price of Freedom: The Movement — After Ten Years (Hawthorn Press, Melbourne, 1966).

Truman, Tom. Catholic Action and Politics (Georgian House, Melbourne, revised edition, 1960).

3. Articles in Periodicals:

Greening, W. A. ‘The Mannix Thesis in Catholic Secondary Education in Victoria*, in Melbourne Studies in Education 1961-62, ed. E. L. French (M.U.P., 1964).

Hamilton, Celia ‘Catholic Interests and the Labor Party: Organised Catholic Action in Victoria and New South Wales, 1910-1916’, in Historical Studies of Australia and New Zealand, November, 1959.

4. Unpublished Theses:

Brown, Robert J. ‘The Catholic Federation of New South Wales 1912-1923: With Particular Reference to the Democratic Party 1919-1925’, Economics IV Thesis, Sydney University, 1954.

Close, Cecily E. The Organisation of the Catholic Laity in Victoria, 1911-1930’, M.A. Thesis, Melbourne University, 1972,

Duffy, Paul Joseph. ‘Catholic Judgements on the Origin and Growth of the Australian Labor Party Dispute 1954-1961’, M.A. Thesis, Melbourne University, 1967.

Treston, K. The Australian Reaction to the Spanish Civil War’, M.A. Honours Thesis, Sydney University, 1966.