A.C.T.S. Australian Catholic Truth Society

Adv. Advocate (Melbourne)

ANSCA Australian National Secretariat of Catholic Action

C.B.L. Catholic Boys’ Legion

C.E.G. Catholic Evidence Guild

C.F. Catholic Fireside (Sydney)

CP. Catholic Press (Sydney)

C.W. Catholic Worker (Melbourne)

C.Y.M.S. Catholic Young Men’s Society

H/B Heffey/Butler Collection of Campion Society records

K.S.C. Order of Knights of the Southern Cross

M.A.A. Melbourne Archdiocesan Archives

S.A.A. Sydney Archdiocesan Archives

Y.C.W. Young Christian Workers’ Movement

Note on Terminology

In this work I have favoured the term ‘Catholic actionism’ when speaking of activities of a Catholic Action type which do not constitute Catholic Action in the technical Church sense. The nature and meaning of Catholic Action, as defined by the Catholic Church, are explained in the text, pp 5-6.